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Worms, Part 2

Yes, worms do have babies!

Here are three web pages which directly answered my son’s question:

Here are some blogs that have unit studies on earthworms so you can study further:

If you are looking for interactive websites online where your kids can learn more about worms check out these pages:

I hope you had fun learning more about worms with us.

What have you been studying with the kids?

What interesting questions have your children asked you?

Mom, Do Worms Have Babies?

Malachi found a giant worm in the garden.

He’s looking at the ground for more worms. He found this giant one under a plant pot.

Malachi showed the worm to Moses. Moses held out his hand to catch it in case it fell.

Moses looks at me and asks, “Mom, do worms have babies?”

I think for a moment and respond, “I don’t know, we will have to look it up.”

What do you think?

Check back soon to see what we discovered.

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