Creations by Zion

My son Zion is an amazing and creative boy. He comes up with incredible creation using Lego Hero Factory and Bionicle parts. Here are some of his creations from this past week.  

Lego Up The Nose… What next?

What is it with my kids and noses right now? Zion injured his nose recently and I wrote on Facebook about how Malachi stuck a Skittle up his nose. This morning Hosanna stuck a tiny round lego up her tiny nose. Zion came into my room and asked me to wipe his nose (we have colds) and then Hosanna came in and asked me to wipe her nose. As Hosanna was leaving the room, I heard her say, “What about the Lego?” I shot up straight in bed and started freaking. Lego in the nose? Oh please let this be …

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Brick Building Activities

I have had many people searching my website recently for the Brick Building cards. Since the original post was lost when the server crashed, I thought I would write another one to highlight these cards. Brick Building Activities is a collection of cards that you can use to incorporate building bricks (such as Lego or Duplo)  into your homeschooling l. These activity cards were created to put in the workboxes we use for homeschooling. If you don’t use workboxes then they could be used simply to give you and your children creative ideas of things to build. Confessions Of A …

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