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Large Family Good Eats on a Budget

We are a family of 7. We have allergies in our family so we do not eat dairy, eggs, or nuts. I compiled this list of simple and cheap meal ideas a little while back and thought that I would share it with you. I always focus on the protein. I try my hardest to have a variety of foods at each meal. Even if it is just a few slices of carrot sticks and a pickle to add some variety.

Breakfast Ideas

  • Oatmeal or creamy rice with peaches and brown sugar
  • Oatmeal or creamy rice with apples, cinnamon, brown sugar
  • Oatmeal or creamy rice with raisins and brown sugar
  • Oatmeal or creamy rice with coconut milk and peaches
  • Breakfast Skillet – potatoes, onions, veggies, and meat cooked on stove
  • Homemade Pancakes

Main Dish Ideas

  • Stew – meat, veggies, potatoes (make it thinner like soup if you need to stretch it farther – serve with bread or buns)
  • Shepherds Pie – any meat, veggies, and then mashed potatoes on top
  • Soups – meat or beans, veggies, starch (potato, pasta, or rice)
  • Potato Soup with bits of ham (you could take one slice and cut it up really small or grate it to)
  • Potato and Leek Soup – potatoes and leeks
  • Chili (heavy on the beans and veggies)
  • Chiligetti – chili with noodles
  • Spanish Rice – pasta sauce with rice – usually I add veggies and hamburger too
  • Sweet and Sour (pork, chicken, etc) – you can make this with pineapple juice (from a tin of pineapple), vinegar, ketchup, brown sugar, cornstarch then serve with rice and veggies
  • Honey Garlic (pork or chicken) – you just need some honey and fresh garlic
  • Beef and Broccoli – stir fry the beef and broccoli and serve over rice
  • Tuna Salad  – tuna, green relish or pickles, mayo, fine chopped celery, raisins, grated carrots… could be served with lettuce or bread
  • Hamburger, kidney beans, corn, and rice
  • Tuna Casserole – tuna, elbow noodles, and peas (canned or frozen)
  • Spaghetti – hamburger, peppers, onion, tomato, sauce, and noodles

Snack Ideas

  • Carrot or other veggie slices
  • Apple or other fruit slices
  • Popcorn – cook the kernels in oil on a pot on the stove
  • Frozen Fruit
  • Fruit Juice Popsicles

Other Fun Ideas

  • Honey Garlic Dip – honey, garlic, and eggless mayo
  • Homemade Ice Tea – 6 tea bags, water, lemon juice, and sugar
  • Lemonade – lemon juice, water, and sugar
  • Quick Pancake Syrup – simmer a few tablespoons of jam with some water in a pot on the stove.

Check out these fun ways to make water more interesting.

What are your simple and cheap ideas for feeding your family?

    Planning My Menu

    Please Note: Our daughter has allergies to dairy, eggs, and nuts, so I generally will not include a recipe with those things in it (unless I plan to modify it).

    I was really excited to discover that today was a holiday. Victoria Day kind of crept up on me this year, but I am very thankful for the extra day this weekend. It is nice and sunny outside and the kids are enjoying playing in the garden. My husband even planted some flower seeds this morning (during the twins morning nap).

    Here is my menu plan for the week:

    What is on your schedule for food this week?

    I am linking up with Menu Plan Monday this week. Check out all the awesome menus that other moms have planned.

    Large Family Good Eats – Water


    Water. Water. Water.

    With spring here and warmer weather approaching, thirst has been increasing in my children (and mom and dad). Instead of promoting juice or dairy (which our children cannot have anyways), I want our children to develop a love for water. I drink water, but I don’t always enjoy it. I will be honest, sometimes our water tastes funny. It may sound weird, but I prefer drinking water from the bathroom tap, as I have always thought that water tasted a little sweeter (probably just my imagination).

    Water is really important, but sometimes we are drawn to things that are more interesting. Water can be boring (admit it!). I admit it. I often choose coffee or soda over water. I know that I need to drink more water, but I don’t always drink it. My kids are used to drinking water, but anytime we have juice or pop in the house, they want to drink it until it is all gone. Sometimes it is more about doing what we know is “better” than settling for what tastes “best” in the moment. Isn’t that true with other aspects of life, too?

    I have been thinking about water and wanting to write this post for awhile now. I know that we need to drink more water. I know that we need to make a conscious decision to do it and be purposeful in how we go about it. I can’t just say, “Let’s drink more water” and let that be the end of the discussion. I need to take action and we all need to walk it out as a family. Drinking water is important for our health (everyone’s health). In the interest of making a plan, I have made a water chart to hang on the fridge.

    View on Store

    I thought maybe we could have a little contest to see who could drink all of their water everyday for a week.

    Now, because this is a post about Large Family Good Eats, I thought I would also throw in some ways to make water a bit more interesting.

    1. Drink it cold.
    2. Add an ice cube.
    3. Drink it through a straw.
    4. Drink it in a fancy cup.
    5. Add ice cubes of fruit juice for color and flavour.
    6. Add orange slices.
    7. Add lemon slices.
    8. Add lime slices.
    9. Add crushed mint leaves.
    10. Add ginger to boiling water and then chill before drinking.
    11. Place slices of a cucumber in a glass and then add chilled water.
    12. Add berries to a glass and then add chilled water.
    13. Add ripe slices of honeydew melon to a class of chilled water.
    14. Put pineapple in a glass and add chilled water.
    15. Put peach slices in a glass and add chilled water.

    How do you drink your water? Do you have any other ideas for making water more interesting?

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