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Mini Offices

The following websites and blogs contain information and resources to help you create mini offices for use in your own homeschool. Please post any additional resources in the comments.

ABC Teach Mini Offices

This web page has printable pdf files including basic directions, fractions, and grammar.

Creative Homeschooling Mini Offices

This web page has a wonderful article about mini offices. Amy includes a list of things that she put in her mini offices and links to the sources. She also includes other ideas for things to put in your own mini offices. She shares a couple of pictures and a short video.

Fifth Grade Mini Office

Shadow Earth has a nice blog post about her child’s mini office. It has some great ideas of things to include in a fifth grade mini office.

Math Lapbook (Mini Office)

This website has a wonderful collection of resources for making  a math mini office. A wealth of resources is to be found here.


Lapbook Lessons has links to three different mini office printable collections. You do need a membership, but it is free.

Mini Office

Successful Homeschooling has a wonderful post about her mini offices. She includes some nice photos.

Mini Office Lapbook

Jolanthe over at Homeschool Creations has a great post AKA Mini Offices 101. She has put together a great instructional post. She has some great ideas for what to include and even provides a wonderful download that she created.

Mini Office Lapbook for 6th Grade

This is a wonderful post over at Living Water Christian Academy giving details about a mini office used for a 6th grader.

Mini Office Lapbooks

This is a great list of ideas of things to include in mini offices.

Mini Offices

Busy Teachers’ Cafe has an amazing collection of photos and downloads.

Mini Offices

This Squido article about Mini Offices is LOADED with resources and links. Did I say it was LOADED? It is full of links and resources for a variety of different subjects and age levels. (note: this one has resources for older kids)

Mini Offices

Mrs. Meacham has an amazing collection of resources and photos on her website.

Mini Offices

This website has photos and links to downloads.

Mini Offices at Teaching Heart

This website has an excellent collection of photos and downloads.

Mini Offices Slide Show

The Daniel Academy has a slide show about mini offices.


This page has some printable placemats that would be suitable for including in mini offices.


This page has some printable posters that would be suitable for including in mini offices.

Tip of the Day – Mini Offices

Our Journey Westward has a nice post about mini offices. She has a second post HERE.

Writing Mini Offices

This page has simple instructions and downloads for creating a writing mini office.

If you have any Mini Office Resources that I have not listed about, please leave the links in the comments.

Magazines For Kids

My amazing list of links to magazines for kids:

  1. American Girl – for girls ages 8-12
  2. Appleseeds – ages 8-11
  3. ASK – ages 7-10
  4. Babybug – ages 0-2
  5. Boomerang (Audio Magazine) – family
  6. Boy’s Life – ages 8-14
  7. Boys’ Quest – ages 6-14
  8. Calliope – ages 9+
  9. Chickadee – ages 6-9
  10. Chirp – ages 3-6
  11. Click – ages 3-7
  12. Cicada –  ages 12+
  13. Clubhouse – ages 8-12
  14. Clubhouse Junior – ages 3-7
  15. Cobblestone – ages 9+
  16. Creation Illustrated – family
  17. Creative Kids – ages 8-14
  18. Cricket –  ages 9+
  19. Crinkles – ages 7-12
  20. Dig – ages 9+
  21. Discovery Girls – ages 8+
  22. Discovery Magazine – ages 8-12
  23. Dolphin – family
  24. Early Edition ages 3-6
  25. Faces – ages 9+
  26. FamilyFun Magazine – family
  27. Fun For Kidz – ages 5-13
  28. High Five – ages 3-5
  29. Highlights – ages 6-12
  30. Homeschool Sports Insider – family
  31. Hopscotch For Girls – ages 6-12
  32. Humpty Dumpty – ages 5-7
  33. Jack And Jill – ages 8-12
  34. Just For Fun – ages 5+
  35. Kayak Kids – ages 7-11
  36. Kids Discover – ages 7-12
  37. KNOW – ages 6-9
  38. Ladybug – ages 2-6
  39. Learning Through History – ages 10+
  40. Lego Club Junior ages 6 and under
  41. Lego Magazine ages 6+
  42. Muse –  ages 9+
  43. National Geographic Kids – ages 6-14
  44. National Geographic Little Kids – ages 3-6
  45. Nature Friend – all ages
  46. News Current – ages  8-12
  47. Odyssey – ages 9+
  48. Our Little Friend – ages 1-6
  49. Owl – ages 9-13
  50. Plays – all ages
  51. Primary Treasure – ages 6-9
  52. Ranger Rick – ages 7+
  53. Skipping Stones – all ages
  54. Spider –  ages 6-9
  55. Sports Illustrated For Kids – ages 8+
  56. Stone Soup – ages 8-13
  57. Taking Off – ages 6-8
  58. Time For Kids – all ages
  59. Top Story – ages 12-15
  60. Turtle – ages 3-5
  61. Wild Animal Baby – ages 1-4
  62. World – ages 15+
  63. YES Mag – ages 10-15
  64. Your Big Back Yard – ages 3-7
  65. Zoobies – ages 0-2
  66. Zootles – ages 2-6
  67. Zoobooks – ages 6-12

Do you know of any magazines for kids that are not listed here? Please leave a note in the comments and I will consider including it here.

What is your favorite magazine for kids?

Mountain Born

We finished reading Mountain Born.

The kids really connected with this book. It was a different kind of read for us, but really good. The language was challenging and stretched us. The topics were deep and we had much discussion about life and death.

My husband and I were amazed at the symbolism the author included. We can’t wait to read more of her works. She has written over 40 books.

If you are wanting to do more with this book, here is a collection of resources that you might find useful.

Resources for studying Mountain Born.

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