My Top Ten Tuesday Collection

I have written about a variety of topics, for Top Ten Tuesday, over the course of this year and I thought it would be fun to revisit them.

  1. 10 Things We Love About Our New Kitty – A fun post about our new kitty with some adorable pictures.
  2. Top Ten Christmas Decorations From My Childhood – This post was a nostalgic walk down memory lane for me.
  3. Top Ten Things I Say To My Kids Everyday – I read the list again and it still holds true, although there are a few more that I could add now.
  4. Top Ten Building Adventures – Fun pictures of the kids building with a variety of different building toys.
  5. Top Ten Ways To Make Pizza That Isn’t Pizza – This was a fun post to research. I am looking forward to revisiting all these ideas after Christmas.
  6. 10 Ideas For Stretching Your Large Family Food Dollars – These ideas might come in handy as you start the new year and recover from any Christmas over spending (you didn’t do that, right?).
  7. Top Ten Ways The iPad Has Changed Our Homeschooling – The uses for the iPad in a homeschool setting are limited only by your imagination and creativity.
  8. Top 10 Books For Parents Of Boys (and the next 40) – Are you the parent one or more boys? Are you looking for some good books to read? Check out this list.
  9. Ten Special Needs Books That I Have Read – These books were all very useful to us in our journey with a child with autism.
  10. Ten Special Needs Books That I Want To Read – Why is it that I never have enough time to catch up on my reading? (Okay, don’t answer that please.)

Which post was your favorite?

Do you have any Top Ten posts on your blog? I would love to read them. Leave me a note in the comments and I will come and find you. 

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Top Ten Tuesday

The Story Of Kitty

Here is the story of our beautiful kitty. I am not sure of the exact order, but it went something like this:

My sister had a cat hanging around her house. The cat  was always hungry and thirsty and just kept coming around. My sister and her family started feeding it and one day it came inside. They took her in only to discover she was pregnant.

They tried to find the owners and finally did, but apparently there were some bully cats in the neighborhood that just wouldn’t let that poor cat go home. They also discovered that the cat was only a kitty herself (about 9 months old).

Their cat, which they named Savannah, had 5 kittens. My sister and her family kept the mama and one of her babes and found homes for all the rest (we are one of those homes). Our kitty has the distinct markings of a Bengal Kitten, but we don’t know her heritage at all.

We are having some trouble finding the perfect name for our kitty. There has been some discussion in the comments section of my last post and on my personal facebook wall (I forgot to put the post on the Sunflower Schoolhouse Facebook Page – doing that today – sorry!) about ideas for names.

I put up a poll (right sidebar of the blog). If you could take a moment and choose your favorite name, it would be much appreciated. I have set it to expire tomorrow at midnight.

Thanks for all your help.

PLEASE NOTE: The poll is now closed. The cat has been named Tizzie.

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