Cooling Off!

It has been very hot here over the past few weeks and we have been cooling off by playing in our kiddie pool. We love playing in the pool, but for the safety of all the kids an adult is always in the pool and we drain it after each use. When we drain the pool, it floods our backyard, which means that we can only use the pool every couple of days or so. It also means that we can’t really use the backyard in between pool uses because it creates mud and attracts mud dabbers. If you remember in an earlier post, Around the Brown House, I wrote about how we discovered that Zion is allergic to bees.

We have used the sprinkler in the front yard, but there is no fence and two busy streets very close to our townhouse. The twins like to bolt when we go out front, so we have only used the sprinkler out front during their nap time. They don’t really enjoy the cold water from the sprinkler too much anyways.

I thought I would share some random shots from our water fun.

What are you doing to keep cool this summer?