Tech Tuesday – Top Ten Tech Gadgets We Use In Our Homeschool

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Tech Tuesday

I want to introduce you to a new weekly feature on Sunflower Schoolhouse. It has come to my attention that my readers are looking for a weekly meme about technology. This is something that my husband and I enjoy using in our homeschool and writing about it is a natural extension. So, welcome to the very first Tech Tuesday @ Sunflower Schoolhouse.

The rules are simple. Write a blog post about how you use technology in your homeschool. Link up the actual url to the post. Visit other party goers. Have fun. The link will be open for a week – until next Monday. Don’t forget to grab the button.

I thought I would kick off the first week with a top ten list – Top Ten Tech Gadgets We Use In Our Homeschool. Beside each of the items, I have made a short list of a few  ways we use each item.

  1. Computers – internet access, word processing, blogging, graphic design, animation, educational software, netflix, educational videos
  2. iPad – transition, communication, education, internet access
  3. XBOX – transition, PE, music, videos
  4. Portable DVD Player – transition, quiet time, education
  5. DVD Player – educational videos, family time
  6. Digital Voice Recorder – podcasts, memory tool, note taking
  7. Television – educational shows, family time
  8. Airport Express – plays music or audio books to any room in the house by attaching speakers
  9. USB Flash Drive – holds music to play on the XBOX, transfer documents between devices
  10. Digital Camera – record the things we do, memories, blogging

homeschooling with technology

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My Top Ten Tuesday Collection

I have written about a variety of topics, for Top Ten Tuesday, over the course of this year and I thought it would be fun to revisit them.

  1. 10 Things We Love About Our New Kitty – A fun post about our new kitty with some adorable pictures.
  2. Top Ten Christmas Decorations From My Childhood – This post was a nostalgic walk down memory lane for me.
  3. Top Ten Things I Say To My Kids Everyday – I read the list again and it still holds true, although there are a few more that I could add now.
  4. Top Ten Building Adventures – Fun pictures of the kids building with a variety of different building toys.
  5. Top Ten Ways To Make Pizza That Isn’t Pizza – This was a fun post to research. I am looking forward to revisiting all these ideas after Christmas.
  6. 10 Ideas For Stretching Your Large Family Food Dollars – These ideas might come in handy as you start the new year and recover from any Christmas over spending (you didn’t do that, right?).
  7. Top Ten Ways The iPad Has Changed Our Homeschooling – The uses for the iPad in a homeschool setting are limited only by your imagination and creativity.
  8. Top 10 Books For Parents Of Boys (and the next 40) – Are you the parent one or more boys? Are you looking for some good books to read? Check out this list.
  9. Ten Special Needs Books That I Have Read – These books were all very useful to us in our journey with a child with autism.
  10. Ten Special Needs Books That I Want To Read – Why is it that I never have enough time to catch up on my reading? (Okay, don’t answer that please.)

Which post was your favorite?

Do you have any Top Ten posts on your blog? I would love to read them. Leave me a note in the comments and I will come and find you. 

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Top Ten Tuesday

Weekly Wrap Up

Spring might be officially here. If that were true, there would be many little people around here doing a happy dance. The weather has been beautiful, so we  got outside and played some ball and picked some flowers while the OT worked with Elisha last Friday.

Zion playing ball.
Hosanna playing ball.
Hosanna picking flowers.

Another nice day and we were able to visit the park. Elisha complained about bark mulch in his holey sandals. Hosanna fell off the climbing bars and banged her head, but she was back in the game quickly (it was minor, thankfully).  Zion stepped in poop with his bright red rubber boots.

Elisha at the park.
Moses just hanging out on the monkey bars.
Malachi balancing on the monkey bars.
Zion at the top of the slide.
Zion's boots
Zion's red rubber boots that stepped in poop.
Hosanna climbing up the monkey bars.


Hosanna and Zion
A tender moment between twins.

On Thursday morning Elisha (11 – with autism) made oatmeal for breakfast and coffee for the big people. This was his first time ever making oatmeal. He asked me how to make and then he memorized the instructions and repeated them verbatim. He even enlisted the help of his younger brother (Malachi) to watch the stove while he went to the bathroom. This is a huge stride for us and made me feel like he may some day actually be able to live on his own.

Another first this week was when Elisha came up and gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek. This makes a mother of a child of autism positively giddy. This child, at eleven, is only just now learning how to show emotion to someone else. It was just last year that he started writing I love you cards to Jonah and I and the grandparents. We are making progress. Slow and steady.

Oh yeah, about our school work. We have been plugging along with our school work and making decent progress. Some days it feels like the same old same old and I can’t wait to change things up for next year.

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