10 Steps To Planning For Our Special Needs Son

I received an email today asking for me to meet and set up next year’s IEP (individual education plan) for our son, Elisha. At first I was a little bugged because we just started our summer break and I have so many things other than school on my mind.  Not to mention the fact that our teacher that we are accountable to is already off somewhere on vacation.

I guess it threw me off because every year (for the last six years), the IEP has not happened until the fall and sometimes even into the new year. I understand that our DL (distributed learning) school is trying to be more organized and yes we do get funding that pays for our TA (teacher’s aid) and our OT (occupational therapist), but still.

Here I sit with a house full of sleeping children and a quiet moment to write and I couldn’t get the IEP planning meeting out of my head.

So preparing for this meeting means that I need to:

  1. write a list of all the things I need to do to prepare for the meeting (you are reading the list)
  2. dig through my email’s and pull out a copy of last year’s IEP
  3. pull out the notes I took at last week’s meeting with the OT
  4. prepare my goals for Elisha for NEXT year
  5. plan my special needs order for NEXT year (I haven’t even ordered my materials yet)
  6. go over those with Jonah and see if he has anything to add
  7. go over the goals and order with the OT when she comes on Friday and have her write it in the proper lingo for the IEP
  8. contact the reporting teacher who is vacationing somewhere that I would like to be and let her know we need to arrange a meeting with the special needs coordinator
  9. arrange a time to meet the reporting teacher and the special needs coordinator
  10. write a blog post about it

One of the things that I am always telling people is to make blogging fit your life, not your life fit your blogging. Use your blogging to help you accomplish goals that you are already trying to accomplish in your life. I started thinking about how I could use my blogging to fit my life in this instance and you are reading the result of that. I have my to do list. You have a blog post to read.

I am linking up to Hip Homeschool Moms and Top Ten Tuesday.

How do you prepare for your special needs students?

What extra steps do you have to take when planning for them?

How do you use your blogging to accomplish your goals?