Bloggy Writer’s Block

I can’t really say that I have writer’s block because I have so many things to say. I sit down to write and I am flooded with download creations invading my head and things I want (and need) to do to keep up with the blog. I love writing and I am not feeling overwhelmed, I just wish all of my thoughts would line up and take a number. I can’t focus on anything when my mind is full of clutter. 

I started a new idea notebook today (to give the clutter a home).

I had one and it disappeared somewhere in the house. I have no idea where. One day the book was here and I was jotting down notes and the next minute it had just up and walked away.

My idea notebook was so cute. It was blue and pink plaid and I loved it. I love plaid. I picked it up at a dollar store one afternoon after a date at Starbucks with my husband (and the twins). I remember that afternoon… the whole coffee shop was starring and commenting on how cute the twins were (they still are cute). There was a little dollar store next door and we went in for a quick look. I love plaid (Did I just say that?) and was so overjoyed to find this cute journal for two bucks.

I can only hope that the twins didn’t throw the idea notebook into the trash. We find all kinds of strange things in the trash. You really have to watch the twins closely because they are quick. They will pick up your shoes and just throw them out. We lost the phone for months (we have two) and had feared that it was on its way to the dump, when we found it under the couch.

The kitchen is a favorite place for the twins. They have one cupboard that they are allowed to play in. Can you guess which one it is? The pots and pans. They love the noise they make when they throw them onto the floor. They also make great stools when you are only two feet high. (Okay, I know that had nothing to do with an idea notebook or this blog post, but hey…)

I had a smaller notebook for the bedroom too ~ you know those moments when you are nursing the twins at 3am and you are struck with the most amazing idea? Okay, maybe you don’t know them, but it has happened to me… Need I mention A Sheep, A Dinosaur, and A Blue Duck? That notebook has disappeared too.

I digress, I started a new idea notebook today. I grabbed a duo-tang… (you know those little paper folders with the brads built in?) and I filled it full of paper… It is not the prettiest thing around, but it is functional. Okay, it is really ugly.

It has been hard getting back into the routine of blogging since the domain lapsed in December and Christmas happened and life was busy and crazy. Did I mention that my sister had a baby on New Year’s Day? I had so much “stuff” (AKA – ideas) collecting in my head that I had to create a home for them. I have been writing notes down all day in the new notebook. Eleven pages later and I think my head is just about clear enough to think straight. I am excited. I have a renewed vision, some focused direction, and enough ideas for blog posts and free downloads to sink a small ship.

Stay tuned…