The Daily Cleaning Checklist

Our Daily Cleaning Checklist Yesterday we talked about the cleaning games we play and today I am talking about our Daily Cleaning Checklist. For a very long time, I have wanted to make a Daily Cleaning Checklist to hang on the wall.  As always, we have so many things going on around here (Surprise Parties, Drop In Relatives from the USA, and Birthdays) that I have put it off. I told you that this series was to help me accomplish my goals as much as it was to provide you with useful information. I was thinking about what I wanted to …

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Top Ten Reasons We Learn At Home

In light of the recent teacher’s job action in B.C., I have been thinking about some of the reasons our family has chosen to learn at home. This list is not exhaustive by any means. We can learn in our pyjamas. We can learn when we are sick. We can take vacations on our own schedule. We don’t have to pay for child care. We can learn at our own pace. We can take field trips whenever we want. We don’t have to worry about over crowding. We don’t have a limit to the number of special needs kids in our …

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Homeschool Related Memes

Are you looking for even more resources for your homeschool or ways to connect with other mamas? Check out these weekly and monthly memes. I will be adding more to this list as I find new ones (or you share them with me). Please leave a note in the comments if you have a meme that my readers might be interested in and I will consider including it here. Sundays   Mondays      Tuesdays     Wednesdays Thursdays    Fridays   Saturdays Monthly

Building Adventures

My kids are always asking me to take pictures of their creations. (Your kids do that too, right?) I gathered all the random building photos and put them together into this top ten post. 1) Elisha building with Blocco. 2) Moses creating with pattern blocks. 3) Malachi building us a new hardwood floor with CitiBlocks. 4) Zion stacking and exploring with Twig. 5) Hosanna stacking and exploring with Twig. 6) Zion and Moses designing an architectural master piece with CitiBlocks. 7) Moses is a whiz at creating with CitiBlocks.  8) Someone’s building. I think it might have been Moses. 9) …

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A Hard Year Of Homeschooling

What do you do when your homeschooling doesn’t turn out like you planned and your year is full of things that you can’t control? I am posting over at the Homeschool Classroom today and you can visit and read about our Hard Year of Homeschooling and some ideas on how we are planning on finishing it.  

Top Ten Ways The iPad Has Changed Our Homeschooling

As most of my regular readers know, our oldest son has autism. A few months ago my husband and I came across an article that discussed how the iPad was having an impact on a family that was affected with autism. We researched the iPad and how it was impacting families and then we spent several hours looking through the iTunes store at all the apps. We chose to spend some of our special needs funding for this year and go out on a limb and purchase an iPad for our family. We have had it for 5 days and …

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Our Homeschool Plans

Up until this point, I have been pretty tight lipped about our schooling for this coming year. Let me tell you, this was the hardest year, as far as choosing curriculum goes. It seems that I am not the only one who had trouble choosing this year. Many homeschooling families around my neck of the woods had trouble choosing their materials and some even chose not to homeschool anymore, but that is another post altogether. We have used all kinds of materials over the past five years including My Father’s World, Winter Promise, Sonlight, Story of the World, and Noeo …

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Making The Bible Come Alive

This year’s materials for home learning have been ordered. Some of them have arrived and some are still on their way. I will eventually write a post (or several) about our plans for this coming school year, but today I wanted to share about one thing we will be doing. I am really excited to have finally gathered the courage and taken the plunge to purchase Mystery of History, Volume 1. We will be studying Creation to Christ this year. I had a really hard time choosing what material we were going to be using for social studies and it …

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