5 Days Of Organizing Your Homeschool2

5 Days Of Organizing Your Homeschool

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Day 4: Planning My Year

Finding your families natural rhythm. Schooling year round. Planning the year, breaks and all.  Scheduling planning time. And more…

Finding Your Families Natural Rhythm

It took us a long time to find a rhythm for our family. We do our formal studies Monday to Wednesday. On Thursdays and Fridays, we watch educational videos and do other educational activities.

This works for our family because some of our kids help at a community dinner on Thursdays (so they are gone all day) and every other Friday we have our OT and support teacher visiting us (so we can’t plan anything regular).

Schooling Year Round

We have been schooling year round since the beginning. This last year, was the first year, we actually took a summer break and it messed us up. The year just didn’t feel right.

  • Do you school year round?
  • Do you take your breaks when dad is home or the weather is too hot?
This is our plan for 2012-2013:
Summer Break: June 16 – July 2
1st Semester:  July 2 – November 16
Winter Break: November 17 – January 6
2nd Semester: January 7 – March 15
Spring Break: March 16 – March 31
3rd Semester: April 1 –  June 14
Every year around November portfolio, we all crash. The weather changes. We just need change. So, we are changing things up this year. We are moving our long break (from summer time) to the Christmas holidays. This will give us time to bake, be crafty, and just relax with family.

Planning The Year

This is my curriculum planning page for 2012-2013.

Every year, I start by gathering links to EVERYTHING that I WANT. Then as I get farther in my planning and fleshing out the year, some of those things get moved to the following year’s list, and others get dumped completely. I have not ordered yet. I am not too worried though, we have enough materials in the house to keep us going until we get our supplies.

Jimmie shares how she does her semester planning for her homeschool.

I love the ideas that Maureen, from Spell Outloud, shares about homeschool planning.

Scheduling Planning Time

When you live in a big family, life is crazy busy just about all the time, even when you try to keep things relaxed and low key.

I have to tell you, that I have never completely planned out my whole year because our life is much too unpredictable and we need a certain level of flexibility. I am realizing though, as I head into my 7th year of homeschooling, that I can do a certain amount of goal setting and planning and still leave room for flexibility.

I love what Amy at Raising Arrows has to say about Making Plans and A Daily Schedule Or Routine in these two posts. I love the piece about herding cats – that is so true. Don’t know what I am talking about, read those posts.

Homeschool Planning Notebook

Jimmie from Jimmie’s Collage shares about her Homeschool Planning Notebook and how she uses it.

I need to create a new Homeschool Planning Notebook based on my goals for how I want this year to run. I will be looking at planners or creating one to suit our needs in the very near future.

Check out my very long list of planners (free and paid) in this post about Planning Your Homeschool Day.

Where I Am At In My Planning

  1. I know what I want to order and use for just about all of my subjects. Yippee.
  2. I still need to figure out something for Elisha to read.
  3. I need to figure out preschool materials for the twins.
  4. I need to decide where I am going to order all of my materials from.
  5. I need to actually order.
  6. I need to create a rough plan for the year (by weeks) based on our yearly schedule outlined above.
  7. I still need to decide how we are going to incorporate technology and fun into our homeschool this year.

Guess what? We are covering #7 tomorrow. You will have to come back and read all about it.

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