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My Favorite Posts From The Homeschool Classroom

Homeschool Classroom

I was doing some research at the Homeschool Classroom recently and I found all these inspiring posts that I had read and forgotten about or in some cases, missed completely. There were so many amazing posts that I thought I would make a list of my favorites and share them with you.

You will have to hop over the the Homeschool Classroom to see which posts were my favorites. I’ll give you a hint those, none of these ones were written by me (although, I like my posts too).

HSC Phonics Resources For Extra Practice


Come and join me over at The Homeschool Classroom where I am discussing Phonics Resources For Extra Practice to use when helping your child learn how to read. If you are looking for resources, I have included a huge list of free ones (with links). If you have a resource to share, come on over and leave them in the comments. 

Have a look around, there are some amazing posts on The Homeschool Classroom. Feel free to have a look at the other posts I have written for  The Homeschool Classroom.

PS – I am happy to report that since the writing of that post, I did create a phonics basket. Malachi and I have been using it and he is picking up on the reading now. My mama heart does a dance. We just needed a different approach for this boy. 

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