Creating A Mom Binder

This post was originally published on March 18th, 2010:

We are taking our spring break right now and for me that means a little bit of free time.

Haha. Free time. What is that? I am a homeschool mama with 5 kids.

Spring break means that I get to plan my next term of school. It also means that I am already thinking about what we will be doing next year (we start our ordering in MAY).

On top of those things, my mind is preoccupied by getting organized, decluttering, spring cleaning, cleaning the yard, and gardening,  etc.

When I think about getting organized, I think about the “Mom Binder” that I wanted to create last December and start using in January. I started doing the research, but never came back to it. My sister had her baby, my nana went into a nursing home, and life happened (doesn’t it always?).

So here I am again, at a time when life does not just whirl. I am at a time when I can breathe and reflect. And… it just so happens that I was going through my draft posts today and thinking about what to post today when I found all these links with excellent printables…

I started visiting the links and thinking about recent discussions with my husband. We have been discussing areas in our family and home that we want to work on. It seems the perfect time to revisit the Mom Binder concept.

My homeschool binder has been working out pretty good. I have all of the kids’ school work organized in there and it was easy to pull out for our homeschool portfolio (which is over and done now and wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be).

I have a great idea notebook (kind of like a journal) where I keep track of all the crazy download ideas and wacky business ideas that flood my brain when I am trying to sleep. I am up most nights nursing the twins and then when I rest  my head on my pillow to sleep, ideas swarm in and flutter about to keep my mind occupied. I try to remember to write everything down. Let me know if you need any ideas…

I think I need a mom binder. I need a home management binder. I plan on building mine during our spring break. Here are some links with really nice home management binders, for inspiration.

Do you have a Mom Binder? What do you have in it? I would love to hear how it is working for you.