No Excuses

I cannot even believe how fast this week went by.

I drafted this post last night before I went to bed in. My intention was to edit and post it first thing this morning, but Zion woke up early with a sick tummy. I will spare you the details, but let's just say it wasn't pretty or pleasant smelling. He has a fever now and it is sitting on the couch beside me holding onto my arm. Say a prayer for him and the rest of the kids today, if you can. 

Thank You

For everyone who took the time to leave a comment last week, thank you. I am completely overwhelmed by the response that I received from last week's post about "No Excuses". It was all I could do to put that post up there (and out there) for all the world to see. I thought that maybe a few people would come by and support me, but the response has been overwhelming (in a totally good way). 

I am very thankful that I took the chance to be vulnerable. Here I am again to take the same chance. 

I have received emails from mamas just like me who are looking for someone to walk this journey with them. Thank you so much for contacting me. You know who you are.

How did my week go? 

Here are some random thoughts from this week:

  • I didn't walk Thursday or Friday because life happened. BUT I pushed through the excuses and I have been walking twice a day since Saturday (That's 5 days in a row – that's 10 miles). 
  • I am still working on adding enough water. I don't drink enough water. Truth is – I hate having to climb the stairs all the time to rush to the potty.
  • I have been eating salads with most of my meals and adding in fresh veggies and fruit wherever I can. 
  • There was at least one day this week where I did my walk and it felt too short. 
  • I am not so winded going up stairs now. 
  • My knee has been hurting less. I have been taking less pain meds because I am not in as much pain. 
  • I have been noticing that after some foods I feel really good and after others, I feel sluggish and in need of a nap. Now to pay more attention and avoid those foods that make me feel icky. 
  • I had a severe lack of sleep for three days due to weekend meetings, but I exercised anyways, after I worked out solutions to my excuses. 
  • I had a sore throat and just wanted to sleep for a few days and I did the walking anyways and I felt better each time. 
  • I am noticing myself be a bit more active overall.  

My Goals

My goals have not changed much for this week except for an increase in the walking which came way sooner than I expected.

  • walk 1 mile twice each day
  • drink more water
  • eat more fresh veggies and fruit
  • make my food more colorful and interesting
  • take photos once per week, but share on the first Thursday of the month
  • measure my body once per week, so I can track my inch loss to share with you

My Reasons For Losing Weight

This is just a very short list of some of the reasons why I want to lose weight.

  • for me
  • for my family
  • to be a better witness of my faith
  • so I can be more active
  • so I can go hiking, biking, swimming, etc
  • so I can sit in chairs with arms (going out for dinner, going to the movies, going to the dentist, going to the eye doctor)


These are some of the excuses that I was pushing through this week. I am happy to say that I have solved ALL of them.

  • exercising with an audience – get in the zone and pretend you are alone
  • not enough time – decide what is more important and make time for it
  • How can I exercise twice a day? – fit the extra workout in earlier in the day
  • How can I exercise in my room? – by getting an extra dvd or using YouTube walking videos

I Want To Connect With You!

I played with the idea of doing a linky here every week, but they feel so impersonal. I would rather have conversation with you (in the comments or via email if needed). Here are some things I would love to have you share in your comments:

  1. Have you written a blog post about getting healthy? Leave me the link.
  2. What goals are you working on? I would love to hear them so we can cheer each other on.
  3. Anything else? Feel free to share anything else you want or need to.

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