15 Things I Was Saving For Someday…

Well, someday is here and it is time for a handmade Christmas.  I have so many projects that I have been gathering materials for and it is finally time to use all the “stuff” to make the crafty, beautiful things I have been dreaming of. (Sara, this post is for you).

Here are just some of the things that I found in the basement and around the house collecting dust, while waiting to be used.

  1. cross stitch fabric – I purchased it at the thrift store a very long time ago for next to nothing.
  2. cotton batting – The first bag came with some fabric that was gifted to us from a homeschool mama. The second bag was purchased to make a doll for Hosanna two years ago.
  3. scrapbook paper – This was purchased on sale at the craft store we all know and love (hint: it starts with an M).
  4. embroidery hoops – I was blessed with a HUGE box of these from the grandmother of another homeschool family. I counted and there were over 132 hoops. I have great plans for these hoops.
  5. wallpaper – This little collection was from a wallpaper sample book that was picked up from a local paint store. There are some really cute pictures in there. Think art in a frame and wallpaper for a dollhouse for Hosanna.
  6. yarn – I just purchased a gigantic garbage bag full of yarn from UsedVictoria for next to nothing. I added that to the yarn given to me by two different friends and gathered from a variety of other places. Crocheted hats and baskets here I come.
  7. fabric – I have scads of fabric that I have gathered from Freecycle and a hodgepodge of other places for decorating, for clothing, for costumes, and scraps and bits and pieces for other odd projects.
  8. beads – I found the big bucket of beads that I picked up from a Freecycler a very long time ago and I can’t wait to use them.
  9. buttons – I also found the collection of well kept buttons that I inherited from my Nana and another collection that was given to me from a family friend.
  10. ribbons – I have gathered these from a few different places, but most of them came from my friend Jenn.
  11. felt – I found a  bag of felt. I don’t know where it came from, but I will happily be using it to make some adorable ornaments this year.
  12. craft foam – These are leftover ornament and snowflake shapes that we used last year to make decorations. Guess what, we are going to make some more decorations this year.
  13. plastic canvas – These were given to me by someone along the way. I honestly can’t remember who, but I found them in the basement. Coasters for everyone, probably not, but you never know.
  14. wrapping paper, cards, and gift tags – These have been gathered from a variety of sources over the paste few years. Please don’t ask me to remember where they came from.
  15. picture frames – Most of the frames came from my friend Jenn, a few came from another homeschool mama, and at least one came from my aunt.
Of course there is so much more that we found. You seriously wouldn’t believe all the cool stuff that we found in our basement (and hiding around the rest of the house). We are almost finished going through the boxes and sorting and purging and organizing. We will be doing an even deeper clean and purge after Christmas (during our homeschool break), but this has been a really great start. 

While we were going through all the “stuff” I was feeling kind of nostalgic. We found things from my Nana (including a lamp that is now in our livingroom) and the preemie clothes from when the twins were just 4 lbs and 6 lbs. They were so tiny!

You see, our basement is the place where we put everything that we don’t want to deal with or haven’t had time to deal with. I can’t even keep track of the number of times I have just said, “Put it in the basement.” Well, the basement was overflowing and ready to explode.

It was time. 

Just in time for Christmas crafting. Did I mention we are having a handmade Christmas this year? I can’t wait to show you everything I will be making. If you want a sneak peak of some of my ideas, you can visit my Christmas Decorating and Fun Pinterest Board for a collection of crafty things to make your home look more festive this Christmas.
Feel free to also check out my other Christmas related Pinterest Boards:
Are you having a handmade Christmas this year?
What things are you “Putting in your basement” to deal with later?
What things are you saving for that someday? 

Handmade Memories

Gussy Sews

This week's prompt from Gussy Sews was "Everything Handmade."

My grandma (my dad's mom) passed away when I was much younger, but I really liked her. She was a crafty lady and I loved her style. On the back of her couch were handmade pillows (crocheted, knitted, handsewn, etc) that I absolutely loved. Someday I will create similar pillows that will hang out in my living room. I also had the priviledge of owning a quilt that she made for my parents (until it fell apart many many years later). 

Growing up my mother would sew clothes, handmade quilts, and toys for us and I wish I had cherished them more, but little is left from moves. Now, I have vague memories of various things that I only wish I could pass on to my children. 

I have been feeling this pull to be crafty, creating a home which has texture, color, and my own style. I tend to love shabby chic, cottage, and vintage all rolled in to one. 

I crocheted this basket for my mama for Mother's Day. 

moms basket

I crocheted this blanket for my nephew for Christmas.

Blanket For Russell

My top two favorite places to look for inspiration are

  • Pinterest (send me a note through the contact form and I would be happy to send you an invite)
  • Etsy (where my sister and I just opened a store)

I am linking up with Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop.

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