Grandma Got An iPad

My mama has been asking questions about our iPad since we bought it. The kids have showed her how to use it and she has been quite intrigued by it. For her, it is the perfect size and fairly easy to use.

Buying the iPad

I was so shocked when we I was chatting with my mama on the phone recently and she told me that she had purchased an iPad. I felt all giddy inside. She went out and bought one all on her own. She was so excited to show it to us. She could hardly wait to get it all loaded up with movies, music, and apps. .

Loading the iPad

My mama came over and proudly handed me her iPad and case and screen protector that she had purchased. She made good choices too. Jonah helped her get it all set up. I sat with her and we started looking through the iTunes store for movies and the app store for things she might like. She was thrilled to discover all the fun things it can do

Bonding Time

Then my mama came by again and stayed for 3 hours while we looked through iTunes and the app store together. I helped her create a slide show of beautiful photos set to worship music (even I didn’t know the iPad could do that). I looked at her and joked that the iPad was giving us some quality bonding time. It was a joke when I said it, but it was true. I felt like she understood me just a little bit more.

Tech Grandma

My mama is getting tech savvy. Now we can call her the Tech Grandma. Wahoo! I have a tech grandma now.

If I could just get her on twitter. (ideas?)