Gotta Get Up

I woke up this morning all freezing cold. Well, no wonder. My daughter crawled into bed beside me some time during the night and took all the blankets. So, I get up in a mad rush to use the potty (because I am freezing cold) only to discover that I had fallen asleep in my clothes (good thing or I would have been really cold).

I think, it is light enough to be morning and maybe time to get up, but I really hope it is not. The house is quiet and no kids are making noise, so maybe I can sleep for a little bit longer. I sneak a quick look at the clock on the computer as I crawl back into bed. Only 7am. I can still sleep for two more hours. My heart leapt with sheer delight.

Now, let me tell you something. None of us in this house are morning people. We usually sleep in until 8 or 9 am, but that is only after years of training the kids. Not to mention it is summer and the kids have not been going to bed until 10pm when I can sort of convince them that it is dark enough to be bedtime.

Okay, so I crawl back into bed to catch a few more winks. A little while later Zion crawls in bedside me with the iPad asking me to type in something. I am really good at typing in my sleep now (I have had enough practice to almost become a professional). So Zion is on one side of me with the iPad and in comes Hosanna with a Nexus 7 asking for the password. Zion has all the passwords memorized, but Hosanna has yet to figure them out (but that is probably a good thing because she always deletes all my apps). She puts on Netflix and snuggles in beside me.

There I am, trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep as I listen to Toy Story in one ear and a different movie from the other. Before I know it, they are done snuggling and off to play with the toys they found yesterday, while helping daddy clean the basement.

And then a few moments later Hosanna is rummaging for leftovers in the fridge (all the others are able to wait for breakfast, but not Hosanna). She eats like a bird, but she is always hungry first thing in the morning.

Now, it is really time to get up. The kids need breakfast. I need coffee. Well, all that and the kids undid and entire day of housework this morning (they could seriously get jobs as tornadoes)…  And the plumber will be here in 30 minutes.

So, how is your morning looking?