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It’s A Social Parade

Every Wednesday, Smart and Trendy Moms has a meme to help you (and me) introduce new readers to our blogs (hence the Social Parade).

Last week, she featured Google Friend Connect. For me, this meant that I needed to actually sign up for it and add it to my sidebar. I had been wanting to do this, but needed the swift kick in the pants gentle nudge (thank you).

This week, Smart and Trendy Moms decided to focus on Google Friend Connect again. This will allow us all to meet more new friends.

Hop on over the It’s A Social Parade post and find out how to participate.

Are you following me on my Google Friend Connect?

It’s A Social Parade!

Today has been such a busy day, I almost forgot about the Social Parade!

We had a slow start this morning because the babies were up most of the night nursing and I slept sitting up. Then I tried to get a bit of extra sleep this morning, but it just was not happening (you know mornings like that, right?). My sister came for a visit this afternoon and the house was full of nine kids from 4 months to 10 years old. It was wild, it was crazy. We ate chocolate cake! It was kind of like a party.

Speaking of parties, let’s get going on this week’s Social Parade. First, you need to go over to Smart and Trendy Moms and read the guidelines. It’s a parade of Google Friend Connect this week.

Let’s get this party started…. I have some chocolate cake in the kitchen… does anyone want some? Hey, don’t forget to be my friend on Google Friend Connect (it’s in the sidebar). And leave me a comment… I love comments (doesn’t everyone?).

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