A Trip Across Canada – National Songs and More!

Yes, the next lesson is coming! It is on Ontario and it will be posted tomorrow.

Today my post is a little like the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff

We spent some time working on our “A Trip Across Canada Study” and I wanted to share the fun with you. We started out working through our lessons and then we looked up our national anthem, O Canada. Listening to the national anthem prompted us to look up God Save Our Queen, which I remembered singing in elementary school. While we were listening to God Save Our Queen, Jonah (my husband) was reminded of a song he used to sing in the United States (where he grew up). The song My Country Tis of Thee is very similar to God Save Our Queen (in melody) and we enjoyed listening to that. Listening to this song prompted us to listen to the US National Anthem. While listening to this national anthem the boys started requesting national anthems from other countries (which I won’t post the links to here, but you might enjoy searching on YouTube). After all of the national anthem bunny trails we went back to learning more about Canada. When we got to the prime minister, Jonah (still my husband) asked about Stephen Harper playing the piano and singing with Yo-Yo Ma. We also watched this Canada Geese clip and we studied all about Beavers.

I hope you enjoyed your journey with us today.  What bunny trails are you taking in your studies?