Have You Heard Of Glue Dots?

I first heard of Glue Dots through my friends on Twitter. I was intrigued and determined to check them out. I homeschool a child with Autism and ADHD who has fine motor and sensory issues among other things.  I have always wanted a simple way for him to participate in creating projects with us without stress and frustration.

Elisha hates regular white glue. He doesn’t like getting it on his fingers and completely freaks out and melts down when it does. He has sensory issues and just does not like the feel of the glue on his fingers or how it dried on him.

Elisha doesn’t like the glue sticks either because he has to push too hard and he could never get the coverage just right. He has fine motor challenges and this is sometimes too much work for him.

I questioned Glue Dots on Twitter regarding how they might work with a child with sensory issues and they gave me an email address to contact them. I sent them an email. They responded offering to send me some samples. Well, of course I jumped at the chance to try out this product and offered to write a review of our experiences with the Glue Dots that they sent us.

We received the package in the mail and did a simple craft project to test out the Glue Dots. I chose a torn paper art project because then all the kids (all 5 of them) even the twins (2) could participate. All the kids found the Glue Dots easy to use. There was no crying because of glue on fingers.

I didn’t have my new camera when we did this project, so I don’t have any decent pictures, but rest assured I will be writing more about this product because we LOVE IT.

I would highly recommend it for any child, especially those with sensory or fine motor issues. They have a huge variety of different products as you can see when you explore their website – Glue Dots.

Here are the products that they sent me:

Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned products in exchange for an honest review on my site.