Digging Up The Garden

We got a late start on the garden this year and it is smaller than usual, but the kids have loved getting the dirt ready, planting the seeds, and watching things grow. What I love the most is watching things that you never planted (at least not this year) grow up and turn into food you can actually eat.  

This Week In Review

Not in any particular order this week:  A Death Jonah’s grandpa passed away this week. Here is the obituary. The funeral is on Monday. We will not be travelling to the funeral, but will support our family via telephone and skype. We have been learning about family this week. There has been lots of chatter with the kids about the history on Jonah’s side of the family. Good discussions with historical information. A Birthday I had a birthday this week. Check out the birthday movie that my husband made for me. My sister came over and brought me a really neat …

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Homeschooler, How Does Your Garden Grow?

With spring just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to the garden. We live in the city, so we have a tiny backyard garden and we need to make the most of our space. In the six years that we have lived in our row house, we have had some variety of garden just about every year. I love having a garden. It gives us an excuse to get off technology and get out side. I have a secret. I like playing in dirt. I love running the dirt through my fingers and breaking up the clumps. I even …

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Garden Planning

Our garden is a mess. The main play area is a mud pit that you could wrestle in every time it rains (and for days afterwards). My desire is for a functional veggie garden, a fun play area, but overall, I just want something that will be pleasant for the eyes. Jonah and I have been discussing the yard and trying to figure out the cheapest, quickest, and most creative ways to make it useful again. We have lots of ideas and we will be making some decisions soon (which I will share with you). I found this amazing pallet …

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Top Ten Tuesday

I am thinking about the garden this week and making our list of things that we need to do. We need to clean up the toys in the backyard. We need to pull out the seed bin and decide what veggies we want to plant in the backyard. We need to get some compost to fill in the garden plots. Some how the dirt seems to disappear every year. We need to plant new grass seed to fill in the mud pit. We need to get a worm bin (scroll down). I have wanted one for several years now. We …

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