A Trip Across Canada – Manitoba

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Our next stop on our Trip Across Canada is Manitoba. If you have not picked up your travel brochures for Manitoba yet, you can stop and do that now.

Here are some questions to ask as you look at your detailed map. What province is to the left of Manitoba? What is the capital city? What territory is above Manitoba? What bay borders Manitoba?

You can download a detailed map of Manitoba here –>

On the blank map, you can have your student color it (however you decide). You can also have the student include important information on their map.

You can download a blank map of Manitoba here –>

The leader of the province is called the Premiere. Visit the official website for the government of Manitoba. What is the name of the current Premiere?

You can find information about the Symbols of Manitoba and here.

You can read more about the symbols of Manitoba here –>

Manitoba has its own flag. You can read about the flag here –>

You can print out a flag to color here –>

Manitoba has a provincial mammal. The mammal is the bison. You can visit these websites to read more about this mammal.

Manitoba has a provincial flower. The flower is called the Crocus. You can visit these websites to find out more about this flower.

Manitoba has a provincial bird. The bird is called the Great Grey Owl. You can visit the following websites to find out more about this bird.

Manitoba has a provincial tree. The tree is called the White Spruce. You can visit the following websites to find out more about this tree.

Manitoba has a provincial motto. The motto is “Glorious and Free”.

Manitoba has a provincial coat of arms and shield. You can learn more about them by visiting these pages.

Create your own family coat of arms.

Manitoba has a provincial tartan.

You can learn more about the weather in Manitoba by visiting these websites.

Manitoba has some excellent parks. Take some time to learn more about the diverse landscape of Manitoba.

More information about the geography of Manitoba can be found here.

Just a few of the many things in Manitoba to learn more about.

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba. To find out more information about Winnipeg, you can visit the following websites.

The Legislature buildings are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Have a look through all of your travel brochures for Manitoba and see what other interesting things you can find.

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