Hosanna and the Eye Doctor

Do you remember when I first told you that Hosanna had to visit the eye doctor because something had poked her eye? If you didn’t get a chance to see that post before, you can go read it now so you know what I am talking about. The Eye Doctor And The Two Year Old.

Well, we had our follow up appointment and guess what? I remembered my camera this time and was able to snatch a cute photo of her in the froggy glasses. The one that I really wanted to show you was fuzzy and hurt my eyes so I am saving you from that.  I am still getting used to my new camera so these pictures are the best, but you get the idea (not to mention the fact that Hosanna never stops moving. EVER.)

Here she is touching everything (thankfully, nothing was broken, but she did manage to soak the counter in water).

Malachi sporting the PINK and green froggy glasses, but please don’t tell anyone.

She looked so cute in them. I felt really bad that half her head was missing, but you get the idea. These glasses are special. They are not tinted, but taped, so that she couldn’t see when the frogs were down.

Look for more cute photos of the kids because I am practicing using my new camera.