Cleaning Resources Round-up

5 Days

Cleaning Resources Round-up

Monday we talked about the cleaning games we play and Tuesday we talked about our Daily Cleaning Checklist. Today I am sharing some of my favorite cleaning resources around the Internet.


First, I need to tell you a little story.  A story about being adaptable when you are faced with circumstances beyond your control . . .

The past two months have been a roller coaster ride of an adventure for us and our housecleaning. I wanted to have different posts ready for you about cleaning, but that was not be.

  1. our vacuum quit
  2. then our washer broke
  3. and then our kitchen sink nozzle fell off in my husband’s hand (on a Friday night)

the vacuum died

The Vacuum Died

When our vacuum quit we resorted to sweeping our carpets. It wasn’t really too bad because we don’t have a ton of carpet in our tiny place (it’s mostly ugly lino which we can’t replace because we rent). We adapted and we prayed that God would provide. I was actually glad that vacuum broke because of the nasty warnings it had in the manual  it about children under 12 not being allowed to use it (seriously). God did provide a vacuum from Jonah’s dad during their surprise visit.

broken washer

The Washer Broke

Then when our washer broke, my husband started washing all our clothes by hand in the backyard (I am glad it was summer time). With a family of seven you can’t just take a carload of laundry to the laundromat everyday (the cost would be crazy), not to mention the fact that we don’t have a car. He was able to keep up with the laundry by doing one load per day. We got a little behind when his family showed up from out of town, but his dad made up for it by buying us a new washing machine.

 broken sink

The Sink Nozzle Fell Off

So, that was quite a week we were having and then the sink nozzle fell off in my husband’s hand one night while he was washing dishes. Of course, it had to be a Friday night. We decided to rig up this contraption and make do until Monday. We called our landlord on Monday and told them our sink was broken. We didn’t hear back at all. So we called again on Tuesday and told them that the sink was broken and we were using our garden hose hooked up to the laundry sink in the basement to do dishes. Well, they called back within the hour and sent someone over fairly quickly. Let me also mention that this issue with the sink nozzle has been recorded on our annual walk throughs for a few years now and they haven’t done anything about it. Our new sink nozzle is wonderful, much better than no sink nozzle.

A Few Of My Favorite Blogs & Websites

A Slob Comes Clean

Mama's Laundry Talk

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Fly Lady

Some eBooks That You Will Love

31 Days To Clean


28 Days To Hope

Teaching Kids To Clean

My Pinterest Boards About Cleaning

  1. House Cleaning – General
  2. House Cleaning – Tips & Tricks
  3. House Cleaning – Recipes
  4. House Cleaning – Creative Chores
  5. House Cleaning – Laundry

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5 Days Of Organizing And Cleaning

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