You Have To See This Doll House!

My son sees an occupational therapist to help him with some of his issues with autism (like fine motor skills, sensory processing, etc). When we get to her office he has some free time to adjust (transition issues) and  then we follow a plan that they designed together. At the end of his session, he has some free time to explore and wind down after all the hard work.

I happened to have my camera there one day and was able to snap some pictures of this really amazing paper doll house that she has.

Here is a picture of the dining room and the bathroom .

Here is a picture of the kitchen and the bedroom.

Here is a picture of  the conservatory and another bedroom.

Here is  the entrance way and the upstairs hallway.

The two most fascinating things about this doll house are, that it has paper dolls (you can see them tucked under the stairs) and that it folds up into a book.

My son loves pulling the doll house out and looking at it. It is really beautiful and someone took great care in adding in details when they were designing it.

Do you have something special or interesting that your children like to play with? I would love to hear about it.