Kids And House Cleaning

5 Days

Kids And House Cleaning

Monday we talked about the cleaning games we play and Tuesday we talked about our Daily Cleaning Checklist. Yesterday we talked about some of the mishaps we have had around here and a few of my favorite house cleaning resources. Today I am sharing some creative ideas for getting kids involved in cleaning the house.

Teaching Kids

One of our goals this year is to create a house cleaning binder and actually start teaching all the kids how to clean. I would love to be able to tell the kids to go clean something and have them know all the steps to be able to do it. They are not going to learn that unless we teach them. Why have we not done that before now, when our kids are 12, 11, 9, 4, and 4? There are many reasons why we have not done this training yet.

  • Elisha has autism and can be difficult to motivate.
  • I have been concerned about letting the younger kids move past Elisha and learn things that he can’t do.
  • The twins (enough said).
  • My health (it’s a long story).
  • Home Business and general busy-ness.
  • It was faster to do jobs ourselves.

As the kids are getting older and our family business is growing, we are realizing that we really need to train the kids to help more around the house. We need to make the time to train our kids to clean every area of the house so that we can have their help around the house. Taking the time to train the kids will actually give us more time for fun family activities in the long run. These are also life skills that all the kids can take with them to their own homes some day in the very distant future.

Building Cleaning Binders

My goal in building our cleaning binders is to go through each room in our house and  write down instructions. The instructions for each room will include some kind of cleaning chart and detailed cleaning instructions. What products do we need to clean each thing? How much do we use? Where do we find them? Where are the cleaning cloths?

I am looking forward to working on this project and I have already been doing research on Pinterest and the Internet in general. I have grand plans in my head (as always), but I am going to create a simple version to start with.

I am excited that I am excited to teach the kids how to work hard around here. This house won’t clean itself and the living room floor is not a garbage can or recycle bin, pick up after yourselves.  Now before you think we are slobs, let me tell you, there are seven of us in a small space and these little people can mess the place up faster than we can clean it (especially if they all work together). I just think that it is high time they learned how to clean as well as they have learned how to make messes.

So, children beware, you will be learning how to clean house this year. Please, no one tell them or there might be a mutiny.

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