Family Birthdays

Malachi is 9!

My son is 9!

He is an incredible kid.

He is full of action.

He likes almost any type of super hero.

He is the kid most likely to join the Military when he gets older.

With his imaginative mind and sweet smile he charms almost anyone.

This year was special, he was able to see his Grandma(my mom).

Without further ado here is a video for his birthday.

God Bless.

Jonah Brown

Happy Birthday Jonah!


It is my husband’s birthday today!

I won’t tell you how old he is, but I will tell you that he is younger than me.


Here are a few things that I love about my hubby:

  • he is a very hard worker
  • he is creative
  • he has a very fun quirky side
  • he is a techie geek and can solve all my tech problems
  • he is a good daddy
  • he loves his children
  • he loves me
  • he is patient
  • he thinks outside the box
  • he has learned how to cook
  • he is handy (and I need to buy him more tools)
  • he inspires me
  • he encourages me
  • he is handsome
  • he is getting better with age

Okay, that list could just go on and on.

Happy Birthday Jonah!
(PS – I love you!)

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