Current Events

In The News Our family discusses current and historical events on a daily basis. Here are some events in the news this week. Use the “further study” topics and links as starting places to conduct your own mini unit studies based on current events topics. Use the additional links and resources at the bottom of the page to search for your own mini unit study topics using current events. Fires in Chile Chile Wildfires in Pictures – National Geographic For further study… Chile Wikipedia Learning About Chile Smokey The Bear Tiger Escape in Italy Tiger Escapes The Circus in Italy …

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Did You Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

Monday I took the day off from work to go to the clinic to see about some lumps in my head. My sister took me to clinic number one and it is PACKED. We go to clinic number two and there is one person sitting in the waiting room. Wahoo. But my excitement is short lived when we discover a little boy in the back has a sliver one and a half inches long stuck in his foot. (I feel for the little boy – yikes). Still, the wait was fairly tolerable. The doctor has no ideas about these lumps in …

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What is the most important thing in your homeschool day?

Image by rykneethling The most important thing in our homeschool day is making sure the Bible time happens. Bible time, at this point, consists of one-on-one time with each child (only the older three boys). We are using Bob Jones Bible (1, 4, and 5)  and we are loving it. I love sitting with the kids and working through their scripture studies. We are all learning so much and enjoying it. It still takes us awhile to get through our work, but we are getting the hang of it. None of the kids can work independently at this point so …

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Table, Chairs, and a Hutch

We went for almost two years without chairs for our eating table. A few chairs came and went during that time, some of them broke because the kids have this incessant desire to rock on them, and others were on their last legs when they got here. We didn’t have the extra money to purchase anything really solid (aka unbreakable) so we did without. Picnic time (okay, not really). Fast forward to last fall when my Nana went into the hospital and then went into a care home after that, which left my mom and my aunt the task of …

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