Mom, he ate my science experiment!


My eight year old walked into the living room this afternoon in sheer panic and announced that someone had eaten his science experiment. Oh, the horror!

I had to stop for a moment to think about “which” science experiment could have been eaten. Was it the extra pizza dough that was being risen on the counter, was it the carrot top growing in water on the counter, or was it some other experiment that I was unaware of. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was the latter with a house full of boys who love to do experiments.

Well, to my relief (but not my son’s) it was the carrot top that was eaten by the two year old. I don’t think the carrot top would have been that pleasant to eat, but he used an old coffee tin to stand on and grabbed it off the plate on the counter before anyone was the wiser.

The twins love standing on things to reach those places that used to be safe. Nothing is safe anymore. No, seriously! I mean it. Nothing is safe anymore. They can scale the dressers, the cribs, and they can even climb the ladder up to the bunk bed. All of which is strongly discouraged around here. They are forever finding new and creative things to stand on, coffee tins, flour bags, riding toys, pots, chairs (dragged from the dining room and down a long hallway), among other things. We have reached that stage where curiosity is incredible, but common sense has not developed yet.

I guess we will have to be careful not to leave any dangerous science experiments sitting around because you never know who might be interested in eating them.

So, tell me… have you little kids eaten any science experiments recently?