Reading Trim Healthy Mama


Reading Trim Healthy Mama

I’m still reading my digital copy of Trim Healthy Mama. I am encouraged and inspired. I need more hours in my day just to read it. So, here I am in bed, at 8pm on a Sunday night, getting ready to read as much as I can before I fall asleep.

My goal is to have the majority of the book read by the time we get groceries on the 20th. That gives me a week and a bit to fit in 600 more pages of reading before I need to write a grocery list and start putting this new plan into action.

Can you tell that I am one who likes to research and have the big picture before diving in head first? I have purposely tried to work on my weight a few times in my life and had great success. The best was about 17 years ago when I lost over 90lbs eating low carb and walking and swimming. I had a long period of time where I felt healthy and I was taking good care of myself.

Then I got married, pregnant, and distracted. I did try again to work on my weight when my 3 oldest were getting bigger and I ended up pregnant with twins and distracted again. Over the last 15 years, I have spent almost 3 years pregnant and 11 of them breastfeeding. I am NOT making excuses. Those things should not have prevented me from working on my weight, but for whatever reason they did.

I have gained a significant amount of weight over the last 15 years and the last 5 years since the twins were born have been the most difficult, due to my current health issues (mentioned in a previous post).

I know that people often have a stereo type of those who are overweight, but I do not sit home and eat all day. Here is the low down on me. I eat an average amount of food at each meal. I don’t like breakfast unless it is protein/fat. I often skip breakfast and lunch. I don’t generally snack between meals (which means I can go from getting up until dinner without eating anything). I don’t drink near enough water. I drink way too much coffee 2-4 cups per day (2 cream, 1 sugar). I like coke (but I am willing to give it up). I hate climbing my steep stairs. I crave dark chocolate and potato chips. Other sweets or junky stuff, I can take or leave. I like a bedtime snack. I do like the Wendy’s Baconator, but I could probably still enjoy it without the bun and hold the fries and coke.

The thing that intrigued me most about this plan is that I have always known that I lose best on low carb. They (THM) are not asking me to give up fat, protein, or chocolate. If I can find interesting ways to incorporate more veggies and other foods into a mostly low carb diet, then I know that I can make this work for our whole family. I might be able to make food more enjoyable than it has been for the past several years.

If you have been reading here for any length of time, you know that we have tried gluten free/casein free to help our son’s autism. Although he is currently mostly dairy free, he still has other food likes and dislikes. Then we had the twins and Hosanna had horrendous allergies and skin issues, so we had to give up dairy, eggs, and peanuts. Moses also has allergies to shellfish and mushrooms. Navigating food has been stressful and I put my needs on the back burner. How was I going to enjoy food when it had so much emotion wrapped up in it? I gave up enjoying food. We just cooked what worked and made sure everyone got full. Food is fuel (which is not bad, just really boring).

I have to be honest with you though. I really want to enjoy food again. I used to love cooking and baking and I want to enjoy it again. I used to love creating interesting meals that tasted good and I want to do that again too. My biggest goal (and it is a tall order) for Trim Healthy Mama, is to be inspired again. I want to be inspired with food that looks and tastes good, that no one complains about, and that everyone can actually safely eat. I have high hopes for a new start.

My husband says he wants a “Trim Healthy Family,” so that is what I am going for.