Lapbooking And Special Needs

Way back when we had preschoolers before, we explored lapbooks and had loads of fun. Now that we have preschoolers again, I started exploring lapbooks again recently and decided to give it a try with all the kids. (More on those lapbooks in another post). I had been wanting to explore things that would be more fun and incorporate the different learning styles of all the kids. I thought the big kids might be ready for notebooking, but there is still too much writing, so I opted to try the lapbooks again. My kids absorb information from videos, books, and through …

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Special Needs At Our House

I recently read this article about dysgraphia. In the past I wrote a list of resources about dysgraphia and I wrote about our struggles with writing and how I thought that Moses might have dysgraphia. The article that I mentioned earlier about dysgraphia has been up in the tabs of my browser for several days now. I have read it over and over. What I love most are the “Real World” helps that Kim suggests. She has some really great ideas. While we have tried some of the ideas in the past, there were many new ideas that I am eager to give a …

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The Struggles With Writing

We have struggles with writing at our house. Two of our five children struggle with writing. Our ten year old Elisha struggles with penmanship and creative writing; while our eight year old Moses struggles with penmanship and spelling. Elisha has struggled with printing since he was little. He has Autism and ADHD. I am amazed at the leaps and bounds that this child has made since he was first diagnosed almost 5 years ago. This boy is bright. He retains just about everything that he hears, sees, and reads. In kindergarten, he was testing at a high school level in some …

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This week’s topic is Dysgraphia. I stumbled upon an article recently that led me to the suspicion that one of my son’s has Dysgraphia, so I have been doing some research to find out more information. Here are some of the resources that I found: Dysgraphia (excellent article) Dysgraphia Dysgraphia Facts Dysgraphia Symptoms Dysgraphia Diagnose and Treat Dysgraphia Dysgraphia Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Handwriting Problems and/or Dysgraphia Homeschooling a Child With Dysgraphia Do you have any resources or experience with Dysgraphia to share with me?

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