Have You Heard Of The FLL Hurricanes?

First off – this is NOT an AD. I was in no way compensated, I just really feel like home learners need to encourage and support one another. Please read and do what you can to support them and spread the word.

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FLL Hurricanes

I am so excited to share with you about the FLL Hurricanes (blog link). This is a small group of local home learners who have seriously impressed me.

They have invented and designed a seat for a wheelchair that lifts a person to a standing position with the flick of a switch. Now, keep in mind these are kids. The boys are all around 13 years old. They did all the work themselves!

They made it into the local news: Kids Create Intelligent Design

They have been accepted to be filmed on an episode of Dragon’s Den (wiki info). If you don’t know what Dragon’s Den (website link) is, well, that is a REALLY big deal too. They have a chance to do a presentation and get partners to help them make this invention into a real product that will go to market.

Now here is the part where they need help. They need you to spread the word. 

I would love to see an explosion of support for these boys. Let’s give them the exposure they deserve for all their hard work.

(FLL = First Lego League)