Tech Tuesday – Introducing The Periodic Table

In our science lesson yesterday we did a short introduction to the periodic table. We had a nice and colorful periodic table in our book and I was able to print one out from here – simple black and white periodic table – for their notebooks.

I thought it would be fun to take a little detour from our book (Our Planet Earth) and visit two sites that will tell us a little more about the periodic table in interesting ways.

And play some games that I made for The Beehive (they are all FREE).

*Bundled : Chemistry Class ~ exploring the elements

  • Chemistry Class
  • Chemistry Class Exploring The Elements
  • Chemistry Class Vocabulary Cards

Chemistry Class Chemistry Class Exploring The Elements Chemistry Class Vocabulary Cards

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Workbox Weekly – Printables

This post is focused on providing you great links to some amazing printables for your workboxes. (My downloads will be back up very soon!)

If you have any great resources to add to this list, please leave them in the comments below.

If you are looking for more great resources for your workboxes, check out Homegrown Mom’s Wednesday Workbox Day.

Chemistry Is Coming Your Way!

A reader asked me if I would make some fun downloads for a science curriculum that her family is using. She sent me the book before Christmas and it looks awesome. Keep an eye on the website for some fun Chemistry downloads coming your way. I have several download ideas just for the first chapter alone. I am hard at work, but wanted to share just enough information to give you a heads up.

You can check out the book on-line from the publisher. Real Science 4 Kids ~ Chemistry ~ Level 1 is for the grade 4-6 level, but could easily be adapted for other grade levels.

The downloads that I am making will nicely compliment this book, BUT you could use them with any chemistry curriculum. The downloads DO NOT REQUIRE that you own this book to use them. The downloads will completely stand alone without the book.

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