Chemistry Class: Vocabulary Cards

I have finally finished the vocabulary cards that go with the game board that I made a few days ago. These are simple vocabulary cards (with the word and the definition on each card). There are a few suggestions for games. *update January 5, 2015 – This download is now bundled into our Chemistry Class ~ Exploring the Elements. View On Store Check out the following post for more information –> Chemistry Class

Chemistry Class

Finally, a new download! Chemistry Class is only one little piece of a bigger project that I am working on. It has taken me a little bit to wrap my head around this whole project and figure out what I want the end result to be (I think it’s clicking now!). Today’s download is a cute, full color, game board package. *update January 5, 2015 – This download is bundled into our Chemistry Class ~ Exploring the Elements. View I have written a few posts about Chemistry now and you are welcome to catch up by visiting the following posts: …

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Follow The Bananas

I was inspired to create this fun little game board for you to use with whatever skills you are currently working on. Feel free to make up your own rules. Help the monkey follow the bananas to find the banana tree. You can download this game from our Store.

The Penguin Path

A brand new, full color, graphical game board set! I am so excited to bring you something new – it feels like it has been forever since I created something new to share with everyone. I have been having so much fun practicing my graphic skills. I created this package with all of my own graphics. I look forward to bringing you many more things created with my own graphics. Here is something fun to keep you busy. The Penguin Path View On Store

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