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This week I am writing about speech therapy. I started this series with a post about  Speech Therapy Resources for Malachi. Then I wrote about iPad Apps For Speech Therapy. After that I gathered a list of Printable Resources For Speech Therapy. Then I posted about some great Games And Activities For Speech Therapy. Yesterday I posted a collection of 12 places where you can listen to Stories Online To Support Speech Therapy. Speech therapy blogs are awesome for information, ideas, and resources. I did a little bit of searching and I found several excellent speech and language related blogs. Mommy’s Speech Therapy Super Star …

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iPad Apps For Speech Therapy

Today is Tech Tuesday (I apologize for completely missing last week) and I thought I would talk about our iPad again. Do you have an iPad or other mobile device? Do you use it with your children? Yesterday I spoke about needing to help Malachi with his speech in order to help him learn to read. We have an iPad and I knew that there must be resources we could use for speech therapy on there. Here are some of the Apps that we already have that could be used to help with speech therapy: Drawing Pad ($1.99) Preschool Island ($0.99) Stickers! …

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