Top Ten Tasks For Tackling My Blog To-Do List

Today I have been tackling tasks on the blog that have been on the to do list for far too long.

Some of the things that I have been tackling might be helpful/useful to my average, everyday readers just reading my blog (making it easier for you to read and navigate) and others will be more useful to those who are bloggers themselves and wanting to make some improvements to their blogs.

I don’t know about you, but I am a very visual person, and if something isn’t in front of my face I will forget to use it.  That is the reason for a few of these tasks that I have tackled on my blog today.

Just a note: we are using WordPress self hosted.
  1. I added some white space to the sidebars because they were feeling very top heavy.
  2. I added the subscribe counters for feedburner to the sidebar so I have an easy way of checking my subscriber stats.
  3. I added the subscribe counter for twitter to the sidebar using twitter counter.
  4. I added a twitter widget to the sidebar that links to all of the tweets that I have favorited through twitter.
  5. I have been collecting tons of links and putting them in draft posts (where they sit until I get around to writing a post) and I thought it might be more useful to start using my delicious account again. In order to remind myself, I put a delicious linkroll on my sidebar.
  6. I updated my Sexy Bookmarks plugin and chose different share buttons to focus on. If something is missing that you liked or regularly used, please let me know.
  7. I added the “Add to Any” plugin to my posts (so they show up on the front page posts and all pages and posts – even in the feeds).
  8. I updated the blog button on the Sunflower Schoolhouse Facebook Page (which I haven’t used in forever, but plan on using more regularly to connect with all my amazing readers – that’s you!).
  9. I finally got up the nerve to add a few affiliate link buttons to the sidebar for products that I have actually purchased and used. I was scared to do this because I thought it would be a really difficult process (it wasn’t). Have a look and you might find something useful.
  10. And finally, I added some legal stuff to the sidebars including: Blog With Integrity, Copyscape, and My Free Copyright.

This is my Top Ten list for Tuesday. I am linking this post to Tackle It Tuesday because this was a big job that needed to be tackled. And just on the off chance that my homeschool mama friends want to do some tweaking to their own blogs, I am linking to the Hip Homeschool Hop. If you need any help with tackling your blogging to-do list, please leave us a note in the comments and we would be happy to help you.