This Week In Review

Not in any particular order this week: 

A Death

Jonah’s grandpa passed away this week. Here is the obituary. The funeral is on Monday. We will not be travelling to the funeral, but will support our family via telephone and skype.

We have been learning about family this week. There has been lots of chatter with the kids about the history on Jonah’s side of the family. Good discussions with historical information.

A Birthday

I had a birthday this week. Check out the birthday movie that my husband made for me.

My sister came over and brought me a really neat book.

My parents brought me flowers, a lovely gift bag full of lavender (my favorite scent) bath stuff, a book, and a heat gun (for embossing).

It was a good birthday. No pictures this year as I wasn’t feeling well for most of it.

Gardening That Wasn’t

We had plans to get out in the garden this week, but the sky was cloudy and the rain made the garden a wee bit muddy. So, we didn’t get out in the garden until today (Saturday). The kids (Moses, Malachi, Zion, and Hosanna) did a good job turning the dirt in one part of the garden. The image above shows before pictures from last week. I am hoping we can make more  progress this coming week.

Daddy did pull out the seed bucket and have a look with the kids, but we will definitely spend more time doing that this coming week.

Summer Break Is Near

We are nearing the end of our school year. I can’t believe there are only two more weeks left. This year has gone by so fast. We are taking June 15th to July 2nd off for our summer break this year.

I am linking up to the Weekly Wrap-up over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

What are you doing this summer? 

We lost another Grandpa…

We are mourning the loss of a Grandpa. It is my Grandpa. Honey or the kids didn’t get to meet him. I hadn’t seen him in 7 years when God pulled a miracle. I was able to see him through Skype this week.

Tonight, Honey suggested I phone my dad, and it was shortly after my Grandpa had left to be with the Lord. My dad got to say goodbye, and to tell him it was ok to go. God’s timing was in this whole thing.

Be praying for us as we go through this time.



Weekly Portfolio

Not in any particular order this week: 

Grapevine Studies

We are using Grapevine Studies. I recently purchased an Old Testament Study from the Grapevine Studies website.

Zion's Drawing


We are plugging along in our JUMP Math Workbooks. The goal is to finish them during our summer term.

Language Arts – Grammar & Creative Writing

We had some oral discussions this week. We covered prepositions, nouns, and adjectives. We did an adjective worksheet. We used the discussion to play a story game, which led into the kids writing a story as a group.

Social Studies

We did all of the reading for Noah and the Flood in Mystery of History Volume 1 and Ancient Civilizations. We had some interesting group discussions and talked about project options.

We got word this week that Jonah’s grandpa is passing away, so we are talking about family and death again. Prayers please that he will find Jesus in these last few days or hours.


Jonah shared a video about the Dragon Space Launch with the kids.

Grandma (our teacher’s aid) took the big kids on a trip to Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre in Sidney.

Grandma took the big kids on a trip to IMAX to see African Adventure.

weekly wrap up

I am linking up with Weekly Wrap Up over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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