Romance and the Homeschool Mom

I was at the Heart of the Matter Homeschool Conference online last month. It was so refreshing to sit and listen to all these inspiring speakers. I learned so much. I wanted to share so much of it with you, but I didn’t take notes. Good thing is though, there are mp3’s coming out that I can download (for free because I went to the conference, but you can buy them) and listen to and refresh my memory.

One of the sessions which stuck out for me was by Heidi St. John. It was really good.  Heidi has a Facebook page as well. She has written a book called, The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide To Romance. I really want to get that book. It sounded really good when she talked about it.

One of the things she mentioned was this site – Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. So, of course I stopped over there to visit and watch a few video clips. The man is really funny. He also tackles some very difficult topics (like the one that I stumbled on today, when I went to check the link).

I also found a great blog recently. It is called, Love Actually: Creative Ideas For Romance on a Budget.  I thought this might be a great resource for all of my readers here. This blog has some very creative ideas and a large variety of them. I suggest you check it out.

You might like this download that I made last year.

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How do you make time for romance? Please share your creative ideas with me.