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Planning Your Homeschool Day

How do you plan your homeschool day?

Are you a fly by the seat of your pants (or skirt) kind of gal or do you write everything day and neatly check things off your list?

Maybe you fall somewhere in between the two extremes? (that’s me)

Whatever your homeschool planning method, I have probably found a planner just for you.

Free planning materials:

Paid planning materials:

Now you have no excuse for getting more organized!

Which planner do you use? Something not listed here?

My Absolutely Must Do Everyday List

This blog post has been rolling around in my head for a few days and I have been wanting to write it, but kept getting distracted by other things.

I have tried those home management systems where you do something on a rotating weekly schedule… they don’t work for me. I have tried daily schedules and weekly plans to no avail. I am perfectly willing to admit that it is probably all my fault. I struggle with follow through and distraction (can anyone else relate to this?). I have five kids, I have a lot of little distractions everyday. Throw Autism, ADHD, and 2 year old twins into the mix and you never know quite what you will end up with on any given day.

In thinking about this, I decided that I needed a system where I can do the same thing everyday (whenever I find a spare moment – not at a specific time). I have finally figured out that I am a visual person. I decided that I needed something that was visual and in my face. This way, I can keep moving forward on my day even when I am distracted by life. Everyday there are things that absolutely must get done, but there are also loads of things that distract me and cause me to forget the everyday things (does this happen to you?).

I was trying to decide how best to approach my problem and came up with a solution that I am going to try. I thought that if I created a list of everything that needs to be done everyday and put it up somewhere in the house so that I can look at, that might help. We’ll see.

I thought I would share my idea with you, in case some of you struggle in this area also.

Here is “My Absolutely Must Do Everyday List”:

  • read my bible
  • pray
  • have a quiet time
  • make my bed
  • shower
  • brush my teeth
  • wash my face
  • brush my hair
  • get dressed
  • have my morning coffee time with Jonah
  • drink eight glasses of water
  • remind the kids to drink their water today
  • make breakfast
  • meal prep for the rest of the day
  • wash the breakfast dishes
  • help the kids make their beds
  • help the kids get clean clothes on
  • help the kids brush their teeth
  • help the kids wash their faces
  • tidy the entry way
  • tidy the kitchen – sweep and mop the floor
  • tidy the living room – vacuum
  • tidy the upstairs hallway
  • tidy the bathroom – wipe down the counter – empty the garbage – replace the toilet paper
  • 27 Fling Boogie (Flylady)
  • laundry – start – finish – fold – put away at least one load
  • make lunch
  • wash the lunch dishes
  • read our science books
  • read our history books
  • Elisha’s Math
  • Elisha’s Language Arts
  • Moses’ Math
  • Moses’ Language Arts
  • Malachi’s Math
  • Malachi’s Language Arts
  • play with the twins
  • make dinner
  • wash the dinner dishes
  • tie some heart strings
  • hug each child
  • look each child in the eyes
  • love on each child (head pats, back rubs, snuggles)
  • hold each child (that will still let me)
  • read to the children
  • pray with all the kids
  • have my evening coffee time with Jonah
  • check the menu plan for tomorrow
  • write emails
  • write blog posts
  • work on downloads
  • read (from a book on the back of the toilet)
  • listen to some music
  • pray for each child
  • pray for Jonah

This list is subject to change as I see how it all works out. I may add to it, or take away from it as needed.

Along the same lines, I am creating “My Absolutely Must Do Every Week List” and “My Absolutely Must Do Every Month List.” I will share those posts when they are ready.

I would love to know what you do for home management, please share.

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