Monday was a blur

You probably don’t need to know all this stuff, but I wanted to catch you up with my life and a point form post was the easiest for me.

  • My mom went on an errand for me and picked up some things that I had found on UsedVictoria before we got snowed in last week. The lady was gracious enough to hold them for me until the streets were cleared. Oh, I can’t wait to write a post about them and show you a picture.
  • Last week was our grocery week and we were snowed in. We didn’t make it to our monthly grocery shop until Monday.
  • Grandma watched the kidlets while Jonah and I went to the local warehouse store and loaded up on all the necessities.
  • Jonah and grandpa and the kids unloaded all the groceries into the house.
  • Jonah put the potatoes and the corn on and threw the pork roast in the oven. (Well, he probably didn’t throw it. He did have to cut it into four large chunks to get it into the roasting pan and put some seasonings on it.)
  • My mom took me to the clinic. I finished my antibiotics on Thursday and should have headed right back into the clinic, but had to wait until Monday due to the wonderful weather that we have been having.
  • The wait at the clinic was almost two hours.
  • The doctor pulled up the records of my last two visits.
  • He did a throat swab and ordered some blood work (which I still have to get done).
  • When I called to check in with Jonah he told me that the roast was taking a million years to cook and the littles were getting super hungry.
  • I stopped and grabbed some cooked chickens on the way back.
  • I grabbed a box of frozen chicken breasts and bulk hamburger that was on sale and I added a loaf of yummy artisan bread to my cart (and some grapes).
  • I also remembered the vanilla that I had forgotten at the other store, but I forgot the cocoa and flax even though I was staring right at them. UGH
  • I messed up this time with the grocery shopping because we usually purchase a take and bake pizza to eat after our monthly grocery shop and I forgot. (Thankfully, no one was too upset with me).
  • Dinner was very late and I was very tired by the time we finally got home.
  • Everything was all ready to eat and we ended up having a yummy meal.
  • Did I mention that the weather was weird while we were out? Pouring rain, huge chunks of snow, and freezing cold.
  • Winter, be gone, you.

What do you do when your days are a blur?