The Daily Cleaning Checklist

5 Days

Our Daily Cleaning Checklist

Yesterday we talked about the cleaning games we play and today I am talking about our Daily Cleaning Checklist.

For a very long time, I have wanted to make a Daily Cleaning Checklist to hang on the wall.  As always, we have so many things going on around here (Surprise PartiesDrop In Relatives from the USA, and Birthdays) that I have put it off. I told you that this series was to help me accomplish my goals as much as it was to provide you with useful information.

I was thinking about what I wanted to include on our Daily Cleaning Checklist and I knew that I wanted to keep it very simple. I wanted it to be a very basic list of the minimum things that needed to be done each day. Not because we are lazy, but because I really want us to work on focusing on the basics and not getting distracted (which is very easy for us to do around here).

I also knew that I wanted the Daily Cleaning Checklist to be very pretty, something that I would be proud to hang on my wall. I also wanted it to be something that would fit the colors that I ultimately want for my kitchen (and have wanted for some time now). You can see some of the things I would love for my kitchen on my Kitchen Dreams board on Pinterest.

I thought you all might like to have a chance to download my Daily Cleaning Checklist, so I made 3 versions.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

The first version is the one I am going to print and put up on my wall as soon as I get some more colored ink. The plan is to print it out, laminate it, hole punch it, and hang it with pretty red or blue ribbon. The reason that dishes and laundry are both listed 3 times is that we need the visual reminder to work on them again through out the day.

 Detailed Cleaning List Simple

The  second version that I made only has everything listed once in case you don’t need the extra reminders like I do.

 Daily Cleaning Checklist

The third version is completely blank. My thinking here is that you can print it out, laminate it, and then use a dry or wet erase marker to add things to it each day. Another idea would be to print it and put it in a picture frame (behind glass) and use a dry or wet erase market to add or remove things at will.

You can download all the versions of the download in one PDF and just print the one/s you need.

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I hope this Daily Cleaning Checklist will be helpful for you. I know that I am really excited about getting it up on my kitchen wall. It will be the place I send the kids when they complain of boredom.

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