5 Days Of Organizing Your Homeschool1

Links to the rest of the series: 5 Days Of Organizing Your Homeschool Day 2: What Materials Should I Use & Where Can I Find Them? What materials do you already have? go through your house and gather all your materials (check the basement, cupboards, closets, and bookshelves) declutter and purge materials you did not like … Read more

5 Days Of Organizing Your Homeschool

Links to the rest of the series: 5 Days Of Organizing Your Homeschool Day 1: What Should I Teach? We have been homeschooling as a family for going on seven years now. Every year has been different. Every year we have used different materials and I really feel that there has been no continutiy from year … Read more

I Finally Ordered My Curriculum

I went to bed early last night and was wide awake at 4:30am this morning. I tried to go back to sleep, but it just wasn’t happening. I had my homeschool planning and curriculum ordering on my mind. I got up and decided to push through finalizing my homeschool plans for this coming year. I would … Read more

Homeschool4free: Curriculum Planning and Organizing

Today I created a Curriculum Planning and Organizing page and added it to the Homeschool4free section. Here are my favorite websites on this topic: Donna Young This website has an amazing selection homeschool planning pages. I have been coming here for years. I love her website. Highland Hitcho Forms This website has an excellent collection … Read more