Current Events

Current Events

In The News

Our family discusses current and historical events on a daily basis. Here are some events in the news this week. Use the “further study” topics and links as starting places to conduct your own mini unit studies based on current events topics. Use the additional links and resources at the bottom of the page to search for your own mini unit study topics using current events.

Image Credit – Pablo Trincado

Fires in Chile

Chile Wildfires in Pictures – National Geographic

For further study…

Chile Wikipedia

Learning About Chile

Smokey The Bear

Image Credit – Andrew Swinfield

Tiger Escape in Italy

Tiger Escapes The Circus in Italy

From my understanding the tiger escaped from a Swedish circus travelling in Italy.

For further study…

Italy Wikipedia

Sweden Wikipedia

Bengal Tiger

Italian Family Circus


History of the Circus

Senegal Troops Enter Gambia

Gambian Defeated President Removed

For further study…

The Gambia

The Gambia CIA Factbook

Adama Barrow

Senegal Wikipedia

Senegal CIA Factbook

Image Credit – David Mark

Sharing Faith In Russia

American Missionary Fights to Pray, Read Bible in Putin’s Russia

For further study…

Russia Wikipedia

Vladimir Putin

Russia CIA Factbook

Oryol, Russia

Don Ossewaarde

Kid Friendly News Sites (still use caution) – CNN Student News – KidsPost – Newsround – Time For Kids – Dogonews – Scholastic News – Channel 1 News – Student News Daily – Tween Tribune – The Learning NetworkHere There EverywhereChild Friendly NewsScience News For Students –  Student News Net – Teaching Kids News

This Day In History SitesHistory Channel – Today in History – On This Day – Canada History –

Using Current Events To Teach Geography

Teaching Geography

Using Current Events To Teach Geography

It is actually very simple to use current events to teach geography to your home learners. In fact, this may be something that you are already doing in your family. If not, I thought I would share what we do and give you a few resources to help you in case you decide this is something you want to explore with your kids.

Map Of The World

You will need a map of the world.

For Our Latest Project, I Used These:

Locate Where You Live

As a point of reference for your kids, locate where you live first and then build out from there.

Identify Where The Event Is Taking Place

After you have located where you live, identify where the current event is taking place. You may first need to choose an event if there are many events happening all at once like there are right now. Or you might want to consider identifying where several events are taking place all at once and how they may or may not relate to or affect each other.

Here Are Some Questions To Ask

  • How far away is the current event?
  • Does it directly affect you?
  • Does it or will it indirectly affect you?

Encourage Your Kids To Think About The Bigger Picture

It is important to help your kids think about about the bigger picture. This is where you may need to help them think outside the box. There is more to life in their cozy home with their technology and comforts. Things like food, electricity, and salvation all matter more than the latest trick they learned on mine craft.

Current Events

Here are some events that have happened recently or are in the process of happening:

Questions For You

  • How are you using current events to teach geography?
  • What else are you teaching using current events?
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