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5 Awesome Places To Get Fun Writing Paper

My kids are much more amicable to do their printing or creative writing if I provide some fun writing pages for them to print on. I went on a search recently to see what I could see. Here are a few of the fun pages I found: Free Printable Writing Paper Shape Books Printable Stationary Printable Stationary Animal Story Paper and Animal Writing Pages And here are few basic pages, just in case you need them: Penmanship Paper Writing Paper What are your favorite sources for printable papers? 

Magazines For Kids

My amazing list of links to magazines for kids: American Girl – for girls ages 8-12 Appleseeds – ages 8-11 ASK – ages 7-10 Babybug – ages 0-2 Boomerang (Audio Magazine) – family Boy’s Life – ages 8-14 Boys’ Quest – ages 6-14 Calliope – ages 9+ Chickadee – ages 6-9 Chirp – ages 3-6 Click – ages 3-7 Cicada –  ages 12+ Clubhouse – ages 8-12 Clubhouse Junior – ages 3-7 Cobblestone – ages 9+ Creation Illustrated – family Creative Kids – ages 8-14 Cricket –  ages 9+ Crinkles – ages 7-12 Dig – ages 9+ Discovery Girls – …

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Gooney Bird Greene

We just finished Gooney Bird Greene and absolutely loved it. The kids begged daddy to keep reading more and more each night and even I didn’t want daddy to stop reading. He used funny voices and made the story that much more entertaining. I was thrilled to discover that Lois Lowry has more books in this series. There are now four books (and I hope there will someday be more). The first book covered many things including the parts of a story (beginning, middle, and end). The next three books cover words, fables, and poetry. I can’t wait to get …

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Bloggy Writer’s Block

I can’t really say that I have writer’s block because I have so many things to say. I sit down to write and I am flooded with download creations invading my head and things I want (and need) to do to keep up with the blog. I love writing and I am not feeling overwhelmed, I just wish all of my thoughts would line up and take a number. I can’t focus on anything when my mind is full of clutter.  I started a new idea notebook today (to give the clutter a home). I had one and it disappeared …

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