Coupon Queen Wannabe

This post is for the Canadian mamas, but you American mamas might be able to glean some information from these resources too. I have written a few posts before about couponing. You can read them here: Intrigued by Couponing Baby Coupons and Samples My Coupons Arrived There are Coupon Bloggers in Canada More Coupons in the Mail I was invited to a couponing class this past weekend and it generated my interest all over again. Here are some resources for those mama’s who would like more information. Places to get coupons Brandsaver Go Coupons Living Well Save Smart Source Websaver …

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More Coupons In The Mail

Have you read my post about how I got interested in couponing? I got more coupons in the mail! It was a nice surprise to get two more envelopes of coupons in the mail. They came from Web Saver, P&G brandSAVER, and Go Coupons (although not pictured here). I used a small collection of coupons recently and was able to get a free box of Cheerios and save $10.00 on my grocery bill. All I did was check the weekly flier at our local grocery store and combine my coupons with the sales they had. I look forward to having …

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There Are Coupon Bloggers In Canada?

Okay, I didn’t know that. We all live in igloos and ride snowmobiles, right? Just kidding. I can say that because I live in Canada and I happen to live in a place that rarely, if ever, snows. Did you know that one time I was in California for a youth convention (like 20 years ago – oh man, I feel old) and people in the elevator at the hotel actually asked us if we lived in igloos? It was so crazy. Back to my topic, coupons. My mom mentioned the other day that her friend’s daughter went to a …

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My Coupons Arrived

Do you remember when I told you that I had ordered coupons? My first set of coupons came in the mail today from . They came on 3 separate printable sheets and I had to cut them out. They are all due to expire at the beginning of October, so I have lots of time to find great sales to combine them with. I even visited again this afternoon and was able to select a whole new batch of different coupons for them to send me. Have you ordered your coupons from yet?

Baby Coupons and Samples

This post is for Canadian moms who are looking to save a bit when it comes to the things that are essential in caring for their babies. I am a big supporter of breastfeeding. I am currently breastfeeding our two year old twins. The twins were supplemented for the first couple of months before they got the hang of nursing and I know first hand that formula is expensive. I also know that there are those who would love to breastfeed exclusively, but for various reasons (outside of their control) they can’t. For this reason, I have included sample and …

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Intrigued by Couponing

Let’s just say that I have been a little more than intrigued by couponing recently. I have come across many mommy bloggers who clip coupons from newspapers or print them from on-line. I live in Canada and I have to admit that I rarely see coupons in any of our newspapers. Where are all the coupons for Canada? I went on a hunt today to learn more about couponing in general and to find some resources for snail mail coupons (Canada specific). I had to dig through many sites with repeat resources and a great deal of useless information, but …

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