More Coupons In The Mail

Have you read my post about how I got interested in couponing? I got more coupons in the mail! It was a nice surprise to get two more envelopes of coupons in the mail. They came from Web Saver, P&G brandSAVER, and Go Coupons (although not pictured here). I used a small collection of coupons … Read more

There Are Coupon Bloggers In Canada?

Okay, I didn’t know that. We all live in igloos and ride snowmobiles, right? Just kidding. I can say that because I live in Canada and I happen to live in a place that rarely, if ever, snows. Did you know that one time I was in California for a youth convention (like 20 years … Read more

My Coupons Arrived

Do you remember when I told you that I had ordered coupons? My first set of coupons came in the mail today from . They came on 3 separate printable sheets and I had to cut them out. They are all due to expire at the beginning of October, so I have lots of … Read more