More Coupons In The Mail

Have you read my post about how I got interested in couponing?

I got more coupons in the mail! It was a nice surprise to get two more envelopes of coupons in the mail. They came from Web Saver, P&G brandSAVER, and Go Coupons (although not pictured here).

I used a small collection of coupons recently and was able to get a free box of Cheerios and save $10.00 on my grocery bill. All I did was check the weekly flier at our local grocery store and combine my coupons with the sales they had. I look forward to having a vehicle again so we can visit more stores in our area.

You can view my list of weekly fliers for Victoria, BC if you want to check out the sales and see how they combine with the coupons that you are getting in the mail. You did sign up for the FREE coupons, right?

Do you use coupons?

How do you use them? Do you have any tips for us?

Have they made a difference in your budget?