I was privileged to be invited to an advance on-line screening of the new documentary COOL IT! The movie was directed by Ondi Timoner and based upon the book, COOL IT!, by Bjorn Lomborg.

My husband and I both watched this film this afternoon and were quite intrigued by it. It was very insightful and provided an alternative solution to global warming.

This is a film that everyone should watch, a definite must see. Cool It! is very informative and well researched. The information presented is easy to understand.

There is a direct call to action to get the word out and promote a change in the way that governments fund global warming projects. More money should be allocated for research and development.

COOL IT! would be a great tool for homeschool families as it presents an alternative view to solving global warming. While we are not overtly environmental in our family, it was nice to see a different perspective than the alarmist view that you see presented every where else.

It was nice to see someone who really wants to make a difference and not just tow the party line.

Cool It! releases theaters Nov 19. Visit to find a theater near you!

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Disclosure: I was provided with the opportunity to view an advance screening of this movie in exchange for my honest review.