Cooking For A Crowd

The Week Before Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and all I can think about now is baking cookies, creating sweet treats, and making Christmas dinner. Things to do: I need to do a baking inventory and make sure we have all of our supplies, so Jonah can make a last minute run to the grocery store (across the street). I also need to take our turkeys our of the deep freeze and put them in the freezer tomorrow morning so they will be thawed to cook on December 23rd. Cook the turkeys on December 23rd. There will be 16 of us here for our …

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Large Family Good Eats – Water

Water. Water. Water. With spring here and warmer weather approaching, thirst has been increasing in my children (and mom and dad). Instead of promoting juice or dairy (which our children cannot have anyways), I want our children to develop a love for water. I drink water, but I don’t always enjoy it. I will be honest, sometimes our water tastes funny. It may sound weird, but I prefer drinking water from the bathroom tap, as I have always thought that water tasted a little sweeter (probably just my imagination). Water is really important, but sometimes we are drawn to things …

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Large Family Good Eats – Recipe Sources

Do you have a large family? We have a large family. We have five children and visiting grandparents to feed most nights. That works out to roughly 9 people on any given night for dinner and sometimes through out the day. We have allergies in the family too (dairy, egg, and nuts). I have made it my mission to transform recipes to be free of our daughter’s allergens and still not break the budget. As I set out to plan my menu for the week, I decided it was high time to gather a collection of resources for recipes. These …

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