Special Needs – Sensory Bottles

Have you ever made a sensory bottle?

We made a sensory bottle on Wednesday and the kids all loved it. We started with an empty 2L bottle (but you can use any size). We added in equal parts of water, corn syrup, and cooking oil.  Then we added food coloring, plastic beads, and shiny glitter. We put glue on the lid and screwed it on very tight. We turned the bottle upside down and then we shook it. The kids took turns for the next hour shaking the bottle and watching the liquids separate. Overall, it was a success. Here are a couple of pictures during the making.

There are many different ways to make sensory bottles. Here are some simple ideas to get you going:

Since this was our science, we also watched some videos from BrainPop, including Scientific Method, Compounds and Mixtures, States of Matter, and Matter Changing States. BrainPop is an awesome little website with tons of educational animations (and more).

If you are looking for more science resources, you can check out my guest post over on The Tuckers Take Tennessee. I included a list of great sites loaded with fun science experiments.

Check out my Special Needs column if you are looking for more sensory resources.

Have you ever made a sensory bottle?  What sensory activities do your kids enjoy?