The Week Before Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and all I can think about now is baking cookies, creating sweet treats, and making Christmas dinner.

Things to do:

  • I need to do a baking inventory and make sure we have all of our supplies, so Jonah can make a last minute run to the grocery store (across the street).
  • I also need to take our turkeys our of the deep freeze and put them in the freezer tomorrow morning so they will be thawed to cook on December 23rd.
  • Cook the turkeys on December 23rd.

There will be 16 of us here for our big family dinner on Christmas Eve afternoon (9 children and 7 adults), but we like to cook our turkeys a day early. This makes the day so much easier.

Our Christmas Eve Dinner:

  • turkeys (two of them)
  • mashed potatoes
  • gravy
  • yams and marshmallows
  • peas, corn, carrots
  • brussell sprouts with bacon and onions (first year for this)
  • stuffing on the stove
  • pumpkin pie
  • some kind of tarts – I have 2 boxes of tart shells but I have no idea what to put in them – ideas?
  • sweet treats – from my pinterest board
  • punch
  • really strong coffee

Since we rotate Christmas Day and Christmas Eve with my sister and her family every year, we rotate our menu too, so that we can have our turkey with the whole family.

Our Christmas Day Menu:

Big Breakfast (family tradition)

  • sausages
  • pancakes
  • bananas
  • strawberries


    • turkey sandwiches


    • crackers
    • cheese
    • pepperoni
    • salami
    • ham
    • chips

I have no idea what we will be eating for the rest of this week, but at least I have a plan for Christmas.

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